5 Reasons why you should watch Naruto Shippuden

Now I could probably give you hundreds and thousands of reasons why you should definitely watch Naruto Shippuden especially if you are a fan of Naruto part 1, but in this article, I’m going to cut the list very short to only 5 reasons why Naruto Shippuden is a MUST watch.

naruto shippuden
naruto shippuden

1 – The Ultimate Plot Twist

As a fan who has already watched both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, I must say there are a lot of changes in the plot of Shippuden. Unlike the first part 1, which was more about Naruto and his struggles as a teen, Naruto Shippuden focuses more on the future and the fate of the known world.

This development in the plot mainly rises from the change in personality of Naruto himself because of the war and the grief it leaves behind and the ones fallen down in the war.

2 – Intense Fights

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden can be divided solely based on Naruto’s age, where Naruto part 1portrayed him as a joyous and young teen, while on the other hand, Naruto Shippuden shows his descent into a powerful ninja.

Naruto’s Maturity brought even more violence, terrific battles, and insane jutsu to the series. It heavily emphasized the intense fights between the great shinobis with surreal powers given to the swords that could cut through almost everything that comes in the way.

3 – Full of emotions

Naruto series has always been packed with emotions of love, joy, and sadness with a more balanced environment, but Naruto Shippuden gave the series a much darker and emotional feel with all the intense fights and killings of the shinobis which also made the series much more unpredictable than it ever was before.

Unlike the humorous and fun nature with some tearful moments, this series mostly depicts the feelings of grief and dark emotions that arise with all the killings and executions which keeps you hooked especially if you marathon the whole series at once, it would feel like a roller coaster ride full of emotions.

4 – Higher Stakes

Naruto without any doubt was full of unpredictable moments and cliffhangers that would leave the fans always wanting more and more.

Fortunately, Naruto Shipudden raises the stakes, even more, higher, as the start of the series itself makes everyone wonder how and if Naruto would get his friend Sasuke back, what mysteries will he unfold and what dangers would he face to save the known world.

5 – Character Backstories

One of the major changes in Naruto Shippuden is that it takes more into account the backstories of the characters in the series to build up a meaningful character profile that provides us with a useful insight into their lives.

It builds up more of a personal connection with the characters themselves and their way of life.

The Verdict

Naruto Shippuden has improved in almost all areas over its predecessor whether we talk about its Animations, Character development, backstories, dialogues, fight scenes, or series arcs. Considering all these facts, I would highly recommend watching Naruto Shippuden.

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