Crystal of Reunion Review

The Crystal of Reunion is a role-playing game (RPG) in which the player has to control a fictional character that undertakes a quest in an imaginary world. It’s an awesome Japanese strategy video game with a highly strategic kingdom-building fantasy. The story of this game is set in a Crystalline world known as “Midgard”. The players are responsible to train their team and develop their kingdoms in order to defeat their enemies, demon and most importantly the other players.


  • Basically, the main characters of this game are fully voiced by the voice actors like Yoko Hikasa, Tomokazu Sugita, Rina Hidaka, Takehito Koyasu, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Akira Ishida.
  • The game provides multi-language support and can also be translated into English/Japanese/Korean and Chinese, the player can choose any one language from the above in which they feel comfortable.
  • You can build your kingdom as its ruler by constructing several buildings, research and craft equipment to make a unique kingdom that will help in distinguishing your kingdom with others.
  • As your empire develops, many other players may interfere. Try your best to win the war against your enemies and get the victory.
  • A very interesting feature in this game is that we can actually combine our strength with the other players and can stand firm about each other’s which will help us to be united. This feature is basically called “form appliances with comrades”.
  • Another very impressive feature provided in this game is that we can easily interact with other global players through multi-language chat by alliance or world chat in English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese.
  • Defeat a multitude of monsters found throughout the game and use them to make powerful weapons for your hero and be creative with them. We can also upgrade our equipment with materials and can customize those using cards for additional boosts on your own perceptions and likings.


Crystal of Reunion is one of the most interesting games out there that can be played on Android/iOS which means that users of either Android or iOS both can have a benefit and can take delight in this game.

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