Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2 is one of the most awesome original game perfect for the people those who compliments that they are daring. Zombocalypse 2 is one of the coolest zombie killing gameplay. Zombies are the fiction undead characters mostly found in the horror and fantasy genre. There are so many games made on zombies just to show that these creatures do exist, but the reality is that zombies do not exist or maybe this could be just predictable. During the game is being played horror songs are played like zombie eating voice and much more which makes it much more interesting to play this game more and more.


Zombocalypse 2 is a features improved gameplay, graphics, and weapons which is a hundred times better than Zombocalypse. Anyone who loves fight games is surely going to love this game.


The best thing about this game especially for Android users is that it is available on both iOS and Android apps and it is also available as a web browser game. This game has a wide range of weapons.

Gameplay Control & Characters:

In zombocalypse 2, you fight against the zombies in an apocalyptic world (non-apocalyptic fiction world). You are provided the deficit amount of weapons ie machete but you can also pick up crates that contain new weapons using down arrow key or S. You can also collect other weapons like a pistol, shotgun a machine gun, etc. The character is first given a sword and then it’s up to him whatever you feel comfortable in fighting with. Apart from the gameplay you can also work with your character and can also improve his abilities and weapons. You can also upgrade perks which improve their skills and combat skills in order to work through different levels.


In order to move your character, use left and right arrow keys. In addition, you can even use kill streak rewards such as a huge missile and chopper which will help in killing the zombies. In order to use kill streak, press the UP arrow. To use various weapons, use the space bar. Make sure you’re working very carefully and putting your level best efforts to work your way through various levels and build the ultimate zombie killing character. You can play Zombocalypse 2 online free at funblocked games.

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